Host an event at the Summit

Host your own event at the 2024 Summit

In the context of the Summit’s programme, institutions and organisations have the opportunity to host events that focus on themes that complement the 2024 Summit sessions.

The ITF is specifically interested in including the following themes in the Summit programme:

  • Funding and financing green and resilient transport infrastructure
  • Advancing green transport through new technologies and innovation
  • Greening hard-to-abate transport sectors
  • Greening informal transport
  • Exploring interlinkages between biodiversity and transport
  • Understanding the health-climate-transport nexus

Official Side Events

Side Events are an important component of the ITF official Summit programme, and they provide unique opportunities for stakeholders of the transport sector to present their recent work, foster debate on key issues, and conduct technical and policy discussions with a diverse international audience. Stakeholders are encouraged to collaborate with other relevant partners to co-host a side event.

Official side events are included in the official Summit programme, and they are open to all Summit participants. The side events are selected by the ITF Secretariat based on their relevance to the Summit theme and coherence within the broad scope of the Summit programme.

Events that ensure gender balance amongst speakers will be favoured; please note that male-only panels will not be taken into consideration. Placement within the programme schedule is at the discretion of the ITF Secretariat. The number of side events is limited.

  • Location: Official Side Events take place within the Congress Center Leipzig (CCL), the Summit’s main venue.
  • Duration: 1 hour.
  • Organisation: Each Side Event host is responsible for the overall organisation of its respective event (e.g. agenda, speakers, subject outline) and co-ordinates with the ITF Secretariat for room allocation and logistical support.
  • Fee: A fixed fee of € 2 500 (+ VAT) per event is to be paid by the respective Official Side Event host. This fee covers room hire, room layout, three free registrations to the Summit, and promotion of the event in one edition of the ITF Summit update newsletter.
  • Additional set-up and in-room requirements (staging, decoration, signage, interpretation, audio-visual and technical equipment, in addition to catering and printing etc. are available upon request and at the cost of the respective side event host. CCL will invoice directly for these services.
  • Please note all participants, including speakers and moderators, must be registered for the Summit.
  • On-site: CCL is responsible for all onsite management, including room set-up and any additional requirements.

Applications for Official Side Events are now closed.
 Applicants will be notified of the outcome by 18 March 2024.

For any queries, please contact the ITF Secretariat at

Closed events (by invitation only)

Institutions and organisations may also wish to hold closed events for a specific audience or constituency, for example, working group meetings, training courses, and board meetings. The closed events will be held on the day prior to the Summit: Tuesday, 21 May 2024. Please note that “closed event” implies that the event is not open to general Summit participants and should be organised on an invitation-only basis.

  • Location: Closed events will take place on Tuesday, 21 May 2024, either at the Kongresshalle am Zoo in the city centre or at the Messehaus at the Leipziger Messe site (the trade fair site) depending on both the number of participants and whether your event attendees are all registered Summit participants or other factors.
  • Duration: Variable subject to room availability.
  • Organisation: The organiser is responsible for the overall organisation of the meeting and co-ordinates directly with CCL for the room set-up and any related additional requirements.
  • Fees: A fixed administrative fee of €500 (+ VAT) per event.
  • Event holders are responsible for the costs of room rental (may vary according to room size and duration of the event), and additional set-up (staging, decoration, signage, interpretation, IT and AV equipment, catering, printing, etc.). All Requests will be dealt with by CCL, directly.
  • On-site: CCL is responsible for all on-site management, including room set-up and any additional requirements.

How to apply: 
All applications for Closed Events must be submitted via the online form, available here.

Please note rooms are limited so it is recommended that requests be made well in advance.

For any queries, please contact the ITF Secretariat at

Press conferences

Organisations participating in the Summit can avail themselves of a limited number of slots for press conferences for their media outreach. Please submit proposals at your earliest convenience but in no case later than 15 April 2024. Applications will be evaluated based on the newsworthiness of the proposed topic and in light of the overall diversity of press conference themes. 

  • Organisation: ITF will provide the room, sound and video equipment, a room technician and one support person. The owner of the press conference can request further services (translation, catering, etc.) from the conference venue at their own discretion and expense. The Summit media team will advertise the press conference to all journalists accredited to the Summit. Press conference organisers are strongly advised to also activate their own media networks for their event. All participants in a press conference, including presenters, must be registered as delegates at the Summit.
  • Location: Media Centre, CCL
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Location: Media Centre, CCL.
  • Fee: A fixed administrative fee of EUR 500 (+VAT) per event will be charged for each press conference.

How to apply:
 Applications for press conferences must be submitted via this online form.

The Summit media team can also assist with a wide range of other media outreach activities, such as arranging and supporting interviews, press backgrounds, signing ceremonies, handshakes, group photos and other photo opportunities. We are examining the option of providing an on-site Summit studio for live broadcasts and recorded interviews. Please let us know if this could be of interest so we can gauge demand.

Side event venues: CCL, Messehaus & Kongresshalle am Zoo

  • CCL and Messehaus are both located on the grounds of the Leipziger Messe (the trade fair site). It takes approximately 2-3 minutes to walk between these two venues. For more information, please consult:
  • Kongresshalle am Zoo Leipzig, part of the Leipzig Exhibition and Convention Centre, is located close to the Leipzig city centre. You can reach it from the city centre hotels either on foot or with the tram, or conveniently by car. For more information please consult: