The International Transport Forum’s annual Summit is a unique platform for global exchange on strategies for transport in the 21st century. Ministers from 66 member countries and beyond engage in focused debates with decision-makers from business, civil society and top academics.

To enhance an inclusive discussion, we partner with relevant ITF stakeholders, that showcase their products, services and other industry initiatives to an audience of Ministers and leading decision makers in the transport sector.

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This year’s motto of the ITF summit concerns each and every one of us. The “transport transition” towards climate protection cannot wait for all other crises to end. Everyone knows that there is always a crisis. Nevertheless, it remains existentially important to face up to the even greater challenges: climate change, the over-consumption of our limited resources, the state of the environment around us. Even if we are confronted with new crises year after year: we are collectively responsible for avoiding a global climate collapse! The challenges are enormous.

The different circumstances in cities and rural areas require different and at the same time closely networked transport systems. What they all have in common is the challenge of minimising greenhouse gases, i.e. moving away from fossil fuels. With the help of digitalisation, solutions are being researched across all transport sectors. The Saxon State government is supporting many projects in this area. At our presentation at the ITF Summit 2024, Saxony will focus on the example of cycling.

The Technical University of Dresden is presenting its extensive research into improving the conditions for cycling. For example, behavioural research in conjunction with various cycling solutions is investigating how cycling can be made safe, easy, comfortable, and attractive. The aim is to encourage people to switch from car to bicycle. Cargo bikes are being further developed in order to reduce car traffic, especially in cities. Where normal bicycles reach their capacity limits, cargo bikes can replace car traffic in a space-saving and ecological way.

Attractive cycling conditions also equates to modern, innovative, handy, and beautiful bicycles. Diamant is a Saxon manufacturer in Chemnitz with a long tradition in this field, but also with innovative ideas. The manufactory will be displaying some of its latest developments and technologies at the Saxon stand.

Improving conditions for cycling is just one of the examples of how Saxony is making transport more environmentally friendly. The endeavours consider all modes and means of transport in the context of all economic sectors and all aspects of society. The challenges are enormous – regardless of current crises. Saxony is keeping an eye on “greening” – and not just in transport.

To learn more about Diamant and TU Dresden BIKELAB, Saxony’s ITF Summit 2024 partners, click here:
Saxony Partners – 2024 ITF Summit

International Road Transport Union

IRU is the world road transport organisation, the voice of more than 3.5 million mobility and logistics operators worldwide through a member network of national transport associations, industry bodies and multinational companies. Advancing safe, efficient and green commercial road transport, IRU brings together businesses, partnering with those who regulate, supply and use our industry.

Trucks, buses, coaches and taxis are the lifeblood of sustainable development, delivering economic prosperity and social inclusion everywhere. Decarbonising commercial road transport, without disrupting the mobility and logistics services that people depend on, is, therefore, a huge challenge, but also a huge opportunity.

IRU’s Green Compact is the industry’s collective commitment to become carbon neutral by 2050. IRU is researching, testing, sharing and scaling up green road transport solutions, developing a roadmap that is both cost-effective for the public and private sectors, and allows more transport demand fluctuations to be met. Both are crucial to maintaining road transport’s resilience in being able to rapidly adapt supply chains and mobility networks, enabling governments, citizens and businesses to better manage crises and change.

Securing Future Mobility

AUTOCRYPT is an automotive cybersecurity and connected mobility solutions provider, specializing in the development and integration of security software and processes for in-vehicle systems, V2X communications, Plug&Charge, and fleet management. AUTOCRYPT’s mobility solutions encompass service planning, development, maintenance, and optimization of MaaS platforms for ridesharing, demand-responsive transport, multi-modal transport, and accessible transport. The company also develops EV information sharing platforms and charger management systems.

Established in 2019 after spinning off from Penta Security Systems, AUTOCRYPT brings more than two decades of cybersecurity innovations to the automotive and mobility environment. With industry-leading data encryption and user authentication technologies, AUTOCRYPT’s goal is to ensure that vehicles and road users can benefit from the convenience of a secure and connected mobility ecosystem.

AUTOCRYPT’s cybersecurity offerings help OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers secure all stages of the vehicle lifecycle, from design and manufacturing to consumption and disposal. It is one of the first companies in the industry to integrate trusted execution environments (TEE) to automotive systems, for which it received ASPICE CL2 certification.

AUTOCRYPT’s mobility platform development solution, AutoCrypt MOVE, gives businesses, NGOs, and municipal governments the opportunity to build mobility services from the group up – customized for the customers they want to serve, and tailored to their local market needs. AUTOCRYPT is a key enabler for private ventures and public transit operators to enter the MaaS market.


nextbike by TIER stands for a multimodal and socially fair transport transformation. The European market leader has established bike sharing as an elementary component of liveable cities and regions in over 300 locations in more than 19 countries. nextbike by TIER is a brand of TIER Mobility SE.