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William Camargo

William Camargo

Transport and Roads Engineer from the Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia, transport specialist from Universidad Nacional de Colombia and with a master's degree in urban planning from Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá. Currently, at Benito Juárez University, he is studying for a doctorate in Project Management. With extensive experience in sustainable mobility projects; in road planning as well as in rural, urban and regional projects; in formulation, design, monitoring and implementation of projects related to territorial and land use, urban and regional planning, transit, transport, mobility and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). Likewise, his leadership in managing, structuring, assessing, monitoring and control of mobility, infrastructure and road safety projects stands out. He has also been a postgraduate professor at different universities in the country on issues of mobility, road safety, project management and logistics. Mr Camargo has held various public positions such as Secretary of Mobility in Cali, Undersecretary of Mobility Services in Bogotá, and Director of the Urban Development Institute (IDU). He has also been director of Roads, Transportation and Public Services of District Planning in the country's capital, as well as advisor and consultant on issues of mobility, urban planning, infrastructure and ITS.
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William Camargo

MRT 3: Shaping active mobility: The role of governments

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