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Closed Door Meeting: Zero-Emission Truck Policy Group


Despite the adoption of clean vehicle policies in many countries, the transportation sector remains a significant contributor to both climate change and the global burden of air pollution-related morbidity and mortality. Trucks emit about 30% of global transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions and, as largely diesel powered vehicles, trucks are also the largest contributor to both PM2.5 and ozone premature deaths worldwide.

Tackling this public health crisis and aligning with science-based timelines for avoiding the worst impacts of climate change require a rapid scaling up of clean trucks. Analysis has shown that achieving this ambitious yet feasible future relies primarily on the successful deployment of regulations that improve the efficiency of trucks, reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, and boost the sales of zero emission alternatives.

The scale and urgency of these crises necessitates increased collaboration and communication across stakeholders, jurisdictions, and sectors. As such, the Transport Decarbonisation Alliance (TDA) is partnering with CALSTART/Drive to Zero and the Netherlands, and ICCT to launch a series of events on regulatory approaches to accelerating the zero emission truck market.

This invite-only meeting will bring together national and local policymakers from around the world for a candid discussion on zero-emission truck regulations. The goal of this event is to convene stakeholders to confirm shared challenges and collectively identify potential solutions, as well as build relationships and agree on methods for future collaboration. The meeting discussion will include:
(1) Zero emission truck regulatory options as essential tools for reducing climate emissions, improving public health, and growing local economies;
(2) Challenges and opportunities for pursuing zero emission truck regulations by global geographic regions;
(3) Exploration of potential models for collaboration;
(4) Commitment to shared work plan and next steps.










Messehaus, M05

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