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Financing transport climate adaptation: Strategies that work


This session presents which actions transport stakeholders need to take and which investments need to be funded and financed to ensure the transport sector is prepared for the extreme weather events associated with climate change. Heatwaves, floods, storms and forest fires are becoming more and more frequent. They can massively affect transport infrastructure, making it essential that transport networks adapt and build resilience against the impacts of climate change in a systematic way.

  • What adaptation strategies do local authorities need to implement for transport, and how can governments support these?
  • What investments are needed to maintain and improve system resilience?
  • What are good practices for determining how much financing is optimal, and how it should be allocated?

Read a summary of this session (PDF).




16:30 - 18:00


CCL, Hall 3


Environmental Executive Manager
National Transportation Confederation, Brazil
Minister for Infrastructure and Housing
Global Director for Transport
World Bank
Director General
Airports Council International (ACI) World

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