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Is transport ready for the impacts of climate change? The role of adaptation strategies in supporting resilient transport networks


In 2022, the world experienced its fifth warmest year on record, with the four hottest years all occurring since 2010. This has occurred alongside a significant shift in climate patterns. Weather extremes that affected only very specific locations e.g. bush fires and flash flooding, are now much more widespread and even commonplace. As transport infrastructure is subjected to more extreme and frequent climatic events that it was not built to withstand, delivering safe and reliable access for communities is becoming an increasing challenge in many countries. We can ensure our transport networks are resilient and robust in the face of these new and uncertain climate challenges through an evolving approach based around climate adaptation. This is no longer just an issue for countries where climate extremes have traditionally been the norm.

This session will champion placing climate adaptation at the heart of transport planning. A core pillar that, along with decarbonisation and biodiversity, can facilitate practical solutions to keep our communities connected by ensuring we have a resilient transport network. The UK Department for Transport will open and facilitate the session. A keynote speech will highlight the significant climate-based challenges impacting our transport networks and how climate adaptation can deliver real solutions. This will be followed by a panel discussion showcasing a breadth of expertise including academia and those with real world experience in implementing solutions.

This event is co-organised by the UK Department for Transport and corporate partner Mott MacDonald.








CCL, Hall 4



  • The Rt Hon Mark Harper MP, UK Secretary of State for Transport
  • Associate Deputy Minister Dominic Rochon, Transport Canada
  • Claire Wren, Director, Future Transport Systems & Environment, UK Department for Transport
  • Nikki Van Dijk, Technical director climate resilience, Mott MacDonald
  • Victor Bonilla Romera, Sustainable Transport Specialist, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  • Dr.Çağlar Tükel, Directorate of Climate Change and Clean Energy, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality
  • Prof. Martin Mayfield-Tulip, Professor of Engineering Design, University of Sheffield

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