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Keeping the world connected through low carbon transport


Transport is vital for keeping our world moving – connecting people and economies around the world. Decarbonising transport is a crucial contributor to reaching net zero by 2050 while driving the global economy.

For the movement of people on road, electrification has become the increasingly clear technology pathway, albeit with much to do to deploy this at scale. Barriers still exist, including making sure infrastructure keeps pace with consumer demand, and ensuring that the shift to electric vehicles and mobility as a service is as just a transition as possible.

Other forms of transport, specifically the movement of goods through logistics and heavy duty vehicles, are more challenging to decarbonise - necessitating a diverse approach. Electrification, biofuels, hydrogen and other fuels will all have a role to play while new operational paradigms and further efficiency measures are adopted.

This panel session will bring together senior representatives from participants in energy (bp), logistics (DHL), technology (Uber), and vehicles (Volvo) to look at where the market needs to go to deliver for society and what policy makers can do to help them get there across transport modes and fuel technologies.








CCL, Hall 5



  • Hanna Hofer, VP low carbon mobility, bp
  • Katie Mille, VP Strategic Partnerships, bp
  • Markus Otto, Senior Vice President Aviation Europe, DHL Express & Managing Director, European Air Transport Leipzig GmbH
  • Karin Svensson, Chief Sustainability Officer, Volvo Group
  • Emma Vaz, Senior Director, Head of EMEA BD, Uber

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