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Launch of the Gender and Electric Mobility Working Group


The Gender and Electric Mobility Working Group form’s part of the new global project ‘Mobility as a Driver for Change- Towards a Gender Transformative and Just Transition to Electric Mobility’ awarded to UNEP by BMZ and will be embedded in the Global Electric Mobility Programme of UNEP which is supporting more than 50 low-and middle-income countries with the shift to electric mobility.

The project aims to ensure that the introduction of, and shift to, electric mobility will include and promote the position and interests of women, to create a more gender transformative and just transport sector and will have demonstration projects in Kenya, Uganda, Colombia, Ecuador, Indonesia and Vietnam.

The new global Working Group will bring together a consortium of transport stakeholders who will contribute their time, knowledge, and expertise to establish best practices, create frameworks, provide policy advice and tools and ensure that global efforts on the topic are better synergized.

This first meeting aims to bring together interested working group members, deep dive into the UNEP project and design the future structure and deliverables of the working group.

Please message Annika Berlin to indicate your interest in joining.










Messehaus, M04

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