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Making Research Count in Transport Policy


Socio-economic research is essential for evidence-based policy-making, and governments fund research programmes in all areas of transport policy. Large numbers of papers are published and discussed at conferences every year, sustaining a valuable pool of knowledge and expertise. But to influence policy, research needs to address regulatory issues precisely and be channeled to decision-makers effectively.

This Open Café discussion will bring the leaders of transport policy research agencies together to share their insights on how to manage research and design research programs to support decision-making and shape policy. This includes turning political issues into precise research questions, confronting policy-makers with research findings on social trends and strategic developments in technology and markets, and organizing consultation with research experts for Transport Ministers reforming policy.






Open Stage Café


  • Henk Stipdonk, Director, Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis, KiM
  • Jaehak Oh, President, Korea Transport Institute, KOTI 
  • Ingrid Skogsmo, President, European Conference of Transport Research Institutes, ECTRI 
  • Victoria Sheehan, Executive Director, US Transportation Research Board, TRB

Moderator: Jagoda Egeland, Advisor to the Secretary-General, ITF

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