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Transport enhancing economic growth: Local and regional perspectives


This session will examine the transformation of transport and mobility, and policies to shift the focus from the throughput of vehicles to the delivery of access, through local and regional lenses. Transport connectivity is essential to trade, employment, and competitiveness at all scales. Cities and their surrounding regions, and rural areas too, depend on mass transit systems to connect people to jobs and opportunities. The quality of these services is critical to retaining and increasing ridership. Congested transport systems constrain productivity and have a severe impact on the well-being of commuters. Funding public transport is always a challenge, and in rural areas in particular, the implementation of innovative transport solutions such as “Mobility as a Service” promises to bring benefits at affordable cost. Panellists will discuss funding and regulatory initiatives for efficient services and more integrated transport and land-use planning and address the following questions.

  • How does connectivity influence economic decisions that determine growth at the local and regional level?
  • What changes to regulatory frameworks will make transport systems more efficient, resilient and sustainable?
  • How can central governments best support connectivity improvements at the local and regional level?
  • How can connectivity enhancements best be funded in times of budgetary pressure?

Read a summary of this session (PDF).




11:00 - 12:30


CCL, Hall 1


Vice Minister of Transport and Logistic Services
Saudi Arabia
Deputy Minister of Transport
South Africa
State Minister for Economic Affairs, Labour and Transport & Deputy Prime Minister
State of Saxony, Germany
Chief Corporate Strategy Manager
MTR Corporation
Minister of Transport and Telecommunications
Vice President & Regional Director for Europe
World Resources Institute (WRI)
Vice President of Europe Amazon Transportation Services (ATS) and Worldwide Operations Sustainability

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