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Transport for sustainable economies: A youth perspective


Young people are disproportionately affected by climate change and reducing this burden on future generations is imperative. With one in six people on earth aged between 15 and 24 years old, it is imperative that their voices be heard and perspectives are taken into account in designing and providing transport and mobility for today and the future.

This will be an interactive fishbowl session, where not only the speakers, but also the audience, will have the opportunity to speak and interact on this topic.

The speakers will address the following key points:

  • How do young people envisage the future of transport and mobility?
  • How can transport provide better access to opportunities for youth?
  • How can transport leaders ensure the young generation is listened to in policymaking?

Audience members will be invited to speak throughout the session.

Outputs from this session will feed into an ongoing project of the ITF’s Corporate Partnership Board on this topic.

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9:00 - 10:30


CCL, Hall 3


Movin'On Board of Young Leaders (MOBYL)
Global Road Safety Ambassador
PTV Group
Director of Programs
Global Designing Cities Initiative
Assistant General Secretary
Seafarers' Union of Croatia (SUC) | Co-Chair, Young Transport Workers' Committee, International Transport Workers' Federation

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