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Zero Emission Emerging market initiative: Accelerating ZEV deployment in EMDE


As highlighted in 2022 Breakthrough agenda Report, the Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) deployment is accelerating in several developed countries while large emerging markets are experiencing a slower uptake for the necessary infrastructure and policies for future ZEV growth.   Meanwhile, under the ZEVTC, governments and businesses united to close the gap between ambition and action.

Zero Emission Emerging market initiative: Accelerating ZEV deployment in EMDE session will continue the dialogue under the ZETVC India-Country Partnership, which seeks to provide coordinated technical and financial support to India and facilitate public-private partnerships to accelerate private investments and enabling policies.

This session will convene governments, international organizations, development banks, and industry leaders to outline ambition and discuss Country Pilot and ZEV-EMI action that can position India as a global champion in road transport decarbonization.










Messehaus, M08


  • Andrew Moffat, Senior Advisor, US State Department, US Government
  • Sudhendu J. Sinha, NITI Aayog, India government
  • Ed Webber, Deputy Director – International Net Zero Financing and Sector Transitions, UK government
  • Pawan Mulukutla, Director – Integrated Transport, Electric Mobility & Hydrogen, WRI India
  • Christoph Wolff, CEO Smart Freight Centre
  • Volker Ratzmann, VP Public Affairs, DHL
  • Swetha Ramdas, CSO India, Amazon
  • Kaustabh Prithwi Archarya, IKEA
  • Abhijeet Chatterjee, GM India, Hitachi
  • Pavan Choudhary, Fujitsu
  • Roland Werner, Head of Government affairs & policy, EMEA, Uber

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