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Presenting the ITF Mobility Innovation Hub: Measuring New Mobility


The ITF’s new Mobility Innovation Hub aims to identify and assess policy-relevant innovation in transport to support ITF member countries in introducing related effective policies. Over the last decade, new mobility services and modes have emerged, leading to growing changes in travel, especially in urban areas. Data on these emerging mobility patterns and vehicle fleets are essential to understanding the new phenomena.

  • How can we collect data to determine if and where new phenomena warrant policy intervention or where existing policy frameworks must be adapted?
  • How can the wide range of new emerging services be characterised?
  • How can we identify policy-relevant indicators?

Read a summary of this session (PDF).




16:00 - 17:30


CCL, Hall 2


Chief Economist
Kakao Mobility
Executive Director of Regulation of Sustainable Urban Mobility Systems
Mexico City
Head of Public Policy - Micromobility & Carsharing
Secretary General

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