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Transport as an enabler of sustainable economies, peace and stability in time of crisis


Sustainable economies generate growth and prosperity while fostering social inclusion and environmental sustainability. Transport enhances trade links, which ultimately create economic opportunities for countries and citizens. Digitalisation and new business models can further enhance the role of transport in this regard. This Plenary will explore the role of transport in promoting economic co-operation, peace and stability. It will highlight the role that transport can play in conflict mitigation by providing safe and affordable connections and in rebuilding social cohesion through better integration of marginalised communities. The discussion will be framed by the current geopolitical crisis, uncertain economic outlook, energy shortage, supply chain disruptions, and accelerated climate change, which together put pressure on transport systems.

  • In what ways can transport contribute to peace and stability, and ultimately support prosperity and growth?
  • How is transport connectivity linked with employment, investment and trade?
  • How can policy makers find the right balance between short-term problem-solving and long-term strategic planning for a transport system that is sustainable and resilient to recurrent shocks?
  • How can transport innovations help the Global South and other world regions to develop economically?

Read a summary of this session (PDF).




14:00 - 15:30


CCL, Hall 1


International Transport Forum (ITF)
Under Secretary of Transportation for Policy
Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Vice President
European Investment Bank
Executive Secretary
United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)
Federal Minister for Digital and Transport
Secretary of State for Transport
United Kingdom
Shell Marine
Vice Chairperson
SK Group

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